Intro/Quick Background


I am going to start a series of blogs detailing my upcoming life events and some of the learning experiences along the way. I have never been a self proclaimed “writer” nor have I openly expressed my opinions to strangers and also close friends. This is project is something I am completing for myself, to encourage memory retention with some of my subject matter and also to review/analyze my decisions.

Much of my spare time had been wasted throughout my life, at 25 I expected to have more knowledge and more to be more developed creatively and technically. Though I went tumbled through first and secondary school with ease and sat through technical school for 3.5 additional years I still do not feel that I have come close to my learning potential. Mainly due to my relaxed and introverted nature I never went beyond what was asked of me in my studies and during my time off I would play video games or soccer. I have dipped my feet into many different hobbies and have imagined myself being; a painter, musician, some sort of wildlife biologist, engineer, English teacher and probably a few other career occupations. My problem has always been that I start something and fail to continue with the activity or study that I initially started.

Due to my relaxed and lazy nature I have always fallen into a downward spiral with learning. Once it started getting difficult or boring I give up then go play video games. With my age increasing and many life events coming up I had decided it is time for me to really learn things I have always wanted to know more about. Starting from today, February 10, 2017, I will listen to 1-2 podcasts per day, everyday, in order to assist my learning. I will post each day about these podcasts. In addition to discussing what I listen to I will talk about my daily experiences! If I do end up getting some reader please feel free to comment with whatever you like!(Constructively).


The painting above was completed by Travis Shilling, a painter I have recently come to admire.



Intro/Quick Background