Deutsch – Warum Nicht

The first series of podcasts I will be listening to and commenting/reviewing is “Deutsch – Warum Nicht?”. Fitting that I should begin to work on my German skill once again, a language that has been a difficulty for me all my life. For all accounts I was born in Canada, but I grew up loving all things German. My father is born in Lueneburg, Germany and my mother in Cambridge, ON Canada to German/Indonesian parents. My mother spent many years in Germany from a young age and met my father at a disco. They went on to be married and very shortly after move to Canada along with many relatives from my mothers side of the family. English and German were the spoken languages at home for me growing up, though the later was very infrequently spoken to me by my parents. My parents did attempt to put me through a German learning program at a young age – around 10 years old – my “introverted-ness” pulled me out of the program, a decision I regret to this day.

Anyways, I will discuss more of my background in posts to come as I tire from writing about myself…

My first podcast was only 12 minutes long and I was able to listen to it at work as there was not very much happening today in the world of infrastructure supply inside sales. The title of the first podcast “cptr 01 – This is a song”. A really basic starting point, but a starting point on my journey nonetheless. The podcast starts by welcoming me in German and English and then goes into examples of German spoken on a radio show, news broadcast and sung in a song. The next part is to listen the character Andreas say, “this is a song” translated to German. Das ist ein lied. Das is ein lied. Das ist ein lied, von Klaus Hoffman. Fairly simple, and grammar I am already familiar with, but I keep listening to take in the whole lesson. Much of this lesson was aimed at the beginner listener becoming attuned with the language, surely the difficulty will increase quickly?



One of my all time favorite meals – Rouladen mit knoedel und rotkohl.

Deutsch – Warum Nicht